Lilly Update + List of Signature Stores to Try

Lilly Pulitzer’s social media reps just released this statement in response to the outpouring of fans’ Facebook and Twitter posts:
“It’s been a wild Monday morning, and we are going down. You sunk us  it’s not funny but…ugh. Thank you for your grace and patience. We are taking our site down to make sure we can provide you with the service you are used to from Lilly Pulitzer. We are so sorry for the issues. We will keep you informed as we know more.”

So at the moment, we are all still at a loss and cannot shop on the Lilly site. The Facebook Re-Lilly Group came to the aid of its followers and suggested, “Until the site is back up there are lost of great deals posted here and on many Signature Store sites.” The group has posted a list of the signature stores in their discussion forum, here.

It’s worth checking out these stores in the meantime, but do keep in mind the sale prices are not necessarily the same as those on the true website. At first I was disappointed to find some items were not very discounted, but then I hit the jackpot and found others that were even cheaper than their Endless Summer Sale site counterparts!


To make it easier for readers, I am reposting Re-Lilly’s listing of the signature stores below. Comment and let us all know which signature store sites are working (and not slowed down like the Lilly one. I heard C.Oricco is having problems already!). Help out your fellow Lilly-lovers!

Happy shopping until the Lilly site is back online…Lilly Pulitzer Signature Stores:

Cloister Collection
EA Davis
In the Pink
Leapin Lizards
Life’s A Beach
Mint Julep
North River Outfitter
Ocean Palm
Palm Avenue
Palm Garden
Palm Place
Palm Village
Persnickety Palm
Pink Bee
Pink Boulevard
Pink Crab
Pink Door
Pink Narcissus
Pink on Main
Pink Paddock
Pink Pelican
Pink Sorbet
SM Bradford
Splash of Pink
The Colorful Gator
The Joggling Board
The Lazy Daisy
The Palm on Park
The Peppermint Palm
The Pink Door
The Pink Palm
Under the Palm Tree
Village Palm


2 thoughts on “Lilly Update + List of Signature Stores to Try

  1. Mary Louise says:

    All Signature Stores: Does anyone have the Marlowe dress in the Bright Navy Tippey Point dress in size Small? thanks!

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