Apple Releases New iPhones: 5S and 5C

This past Tuesday, Apple held one of their Keynote presentations and unveiled their newest iPhone models.

Tuesday’s presentation included Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook, marketing chief Phil Schiller, and Software Engineering head Craig Federighi.

This was met with much excitement, and I heard some people even started lining up outside of the flagship Apple store in New York City to buy the new phones as soon as they are available on Sept. 20 (that’s going to be an awful long 8 days of waiting…). But aside from the new iOS7 look, which we already knew about from earlier this year, there are not a whole lot of new changes in the S and C iPhone 5 models. From researching a bunch of different articles and reading the info directly from, I still found it a bit hard to compare the new models with the old ones. I’ll break it down for you guys:

iPhone 5S:

  • Body is physically different, and now comes in silver, gold and space grey. 
  • New Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor–The phone can now scan your fingerprint if you place it on the start button. How freaky and Star Trek-esque is this?! It’s a smart feature though, because it does get old having to continually enter your passcode to open your phone. You can allow multiple fingerprints, like those of your boyfriend or best friend, to unlock your phone too, which is neat. I can only imagine how this will play out with catty middle school girls, though…
  • iOS7 comes installed on the phone.
  • A7 chip–a new feature that Apple is making a big deal about, but it basically just makes your phone run faster, your camera stronger and your graphics more vivid. But isn’t that expected with each new release?
  • M7 coprocessor–another piece of hardware over which Apple is geeking out, but it’s really only news for those that use their iPhones to track their runs. It essentially becomes better at telling how quickly you are moving and where you are going by the motion/speed of the phone.
  • Camera has a new look and a couple added features–continuous burst mode (taking a bunch of photos in a row, it can do 10 in one second), true tone flash (the phone sense the background and lighting to adjust the flash levels accordingly), slow motion video, and the ability to take square photos that are already perfectly shaped for apps like Instagram, so no annoying cropping is necessary and the photo is ready to go.
  • iPhoto, iMovie and the iWork  suite of apps (including Pages, Keynote and Numbers) are included with the phone, as in the past they had to be bought in the app store at an additional charge. Now you can download them free!

iPhone 5C:

  • Body comes in fun, vibrant colors! Finally! Choose from yellow, green, blue, red and white.
  • No touch ID fingerprint scanning feature, you have to enter a passcode like previous versions.
  • iOS7 comes installed too.
  • A6 chip, versus A7 on the 5S model.
  • Also has the new iSight camera like the 5S.
  • iPhoto, iMovie and the iWork  suite of apps are also free.

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