#FitnessFriday: Nutribullet vs. Magic Bullet Smoothie Blenders

Meal replacement/health-inspired shakes and smoothies are all over Pinterest right now. I decided to give the trend a try a few weeks ago, when I saw an ad for a Macy’s “One Day Sale.” I knew it was time to buy myself a Magic Bullet, a mini-blender that I have been coveting for years. (Come on, admit it–you’ve been tempted by the infomercials too…).

The NutriBullet

Upon entering Macy’s, I was a bit taken back. It was a zoo, NEVER AGAIN will I go to their flagship store on 34th Street during a sale. I even went at 9:30AM and it was already crowded. Soccer moms were throwing elbows to knock their way into checkout lines ahead of other shoppers…Yeah. It was intense. But, I was there for “Mission: Magic Bullet” and battled my way through the throngs of shoppers to the kitchen electronics section…only to find myself befuddled by the Nutribullet display across from Magic Bullet one.

Darn it, I thought I had done all my research online and now there are two very similar blenders, made by the same company, and I didn’t know which to pick. Upon first glance, the Nutribullet seemed more apt for my healthy smoothies, after all it is called NUTRIbullet…but maybe that was just a marketing ploy? I tried to look both up on my cell phone to compare, but I was in the basement of the store and didn’t have service. Panic set in. I ended up just taking a leap of faith with the Magic Bullet and forgoing the Nutribullet, but I think there are pro’s and con’s to both. Upon returning home to my apartment, I could not find any helpful articles online explaining the differences between the two, so I thought I would write my own:


  • The main differentiating factor is that this model comes with a package of powder, which they tout as “healthy vitamins and supplements” to add to your smoothies, and a “pocket nutritionist” booklet, that explains how to buy organic at your grocery store
  • Comes with a short cup with a handle, and another without a handle
  • According to my research online, it supposedly pulverizes seeds (like in strawberries) so there is no extra “crunch” in your smoothies
  • Has a stronger motor, so has more power to more easily puree anything you throw at it. Magic Bullet has a motor with less power, so it doesn’t puree as well. Some say it even has the ability to liquefy things, since its motor is so powerful–like a juicer, but then it will liquefy the remnants of the actual fruit too
  • Can pulverize anything, including frozen items and ice
  • Comes with a “milling blade” that “is ideal for milling grains, grinding fresh herbs  and chopping nuts. The blade is made of stainless steel and never needs sharpening.”

The Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet

  • Does not completely pulverize seeds, so there will be a different texture to your smoothies and they will go not down completely smooth
  • Good at chopping things into chunks, but not pureeing like the Nutribullet
  • Doesn’t handle ice or frozen fruit so well. If you finesse it by adding water periodically, you can make it work but it is time-consuming and annoying. The “7-second smoothie” claims on the box are not true. More like 7 minutes…
  • Comes with two blades: “a Cross Blade for chopping, grating and blending foods such as onions, cheeses, meats and frozen drinks, and a Flat Blade for whipping cream and grinding hard foods like coffee beans and spices.”
  • Comes with shaker and steamer tops for use after chopping/blending (like if you were making grated cheese or something)


So the decision is up to you, but I ended up going with the Magic Bullet, as it was nearly half the price of the Nutribullet. It may not get the job done as quickly or efficiently, but for a girl on a budget it works just fine.

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