NYtip: Crowded subway cars and buses

Here’s a little insider tip:

#truelifenyc …just wait for the next one.

It’s pouring rain, you’re cold and have no umbrella. You see the bus (or train) approaching and it is jam-packed full of people. It seriously looks like people are going to pop out of there and it’s wall-to-wall full (especially during rush hour). It may seem like common sense, but just wait for the next bus or train. It will come within minutes and will be practically empty. I have learned this the hard way, but it’s like the law of New York. Whenever you REALLY want to get where you’re going, it WILL be packed on public transportation. So just take a deep breath and wait for the next bus…it’s worth the wait to avoid the aggravation and being stuck in a crevice underneath someone’s gross armpit.

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