Review: Physique 57

A class at Physique 57 is a cross between a motivating session with a life coach and an exercise class.

Courtesy of Physique 57

Ab exercises with bands. // Courtesy of Physique 57

From the moment you enter the studio, the atmosphere is inviting, bright and filled with positive attitudes. Everyone seems genuinely happy to be there and gives off the sense that this is the best part of their day. You definitely gain a spring in your step just from absorbing the positive vibes.

With skylights and soothing colors aplenty, the studio is a sunny and airy space. The actual exercise rooms are surprisingly small and square-shaped. I found this a bit odd, because you are forced into closer quarters than usual with your fellow classmates. Nevertheless, when the music started pumping and the other ladies in class stood up upon the instructors arrival, I quickly forgot about the room’s appearance.

The workout included hand weights as a warmup, barre work that made my thighs and calves burn, floor work for abs and then an exercise band looped around the ballet barre. The workout was not easy and definitely on par with similar studios, like Bar Method (which I have been practicing for a little over a year), but I would chance to say that the moves were not as effective. I found myself sore the next day, but I didn’t feel the same burn in class as I do at Bar Method (though believe, me there WAS a burn). Perhaps this is a good thing and speaks to the ease of the Physique57 moves, but I didn’t feel as challenged. Many of the exercises were very similar to Bar Method, but performed in a slightly different way or position.

One thing I didn’t love, was the tempo of the class. Though I enjoyed the current music and upbeat demeanor of the instructor, it felt a bit frenzied at times. I just may not be used to it, but hearing the instructor spout inspirational phrases as I huffed and puffed through thigh-toning moves came off as a bit cheesy. Bar Method seems more like a fluid dance through class, building up the tempo of the music with the intensity ebbing and flowing. I like this because it is generally a relaxing and zen-like experience, a time to center yourself. Meanwhile the environment at Physique57 was “go-go-go! Imagine how great you’ll look after this!” instead of doing the exercise for yourself and your own betterment. I guess it seemed more superficial, you could say.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed my afternoon at Physique57 and would absolutely consider returning for another try. Though I am biased as a follower of Bar Method, Physique 57 is still a fun workout.

*Disclosure: My class at Physique57 was free-of-charge as a press courtesy.

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