About the Prep

When I first moved to Manhattan and it was quite a culture shock.

Danielle Kaslow.

Danielle, a Boston prep relocated to NYC and then back to BOS again. Go figure.

As I struggled to perfect my “don’t mess with me” face while commuting, swipe a Metrocard and walk through the subway turn style without breaking stride, and live large on budget since I was constantly “rent broke,” I found myself wishing there was a helpful resource out there for new urbanites like me. Enter PrepInTheCity, my own little way of imparting some of the institutional knowledge I gained while living in New York for three years.

I have since moved to Boston, but the lessons I learned in the big apple still serve me well. It’s a cliche, but if you can make it in New York, you really can make it anywhere. So as I continue this blog from my new home base, you may still find some posts about NYC living. You will also find updates about living in Boston, fitness, shopping and style – my favorite topics.



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