A look back before 2019

This blog first began when I moved to Manhattan for my master’s degree and was killing time while job hunting after graduation. During said #funemployment period, I was ferociously hunting down a dress during the Lilly Pulitzer end of summer sale. I was super frustrated to find there was no listing of LP signature stores.  So I created my own and the rest is history.

From there, I tried to impart some hard-learned knowledge to make living in the City easier for hopeful new urbanites, from writing tips on how to how to master the NYC bus system during rush hour, to creating a resource guide for the notorious task of  finding a New York City apartment, and even highlighting the correct way to order a New York bagel (yes, there is a wrong way) during peak holiday season. If you’re wondering, these are the 5 dead giveaways that you’re not a New Yorker, and finally – a few thoughts on how to know when it’s time to leave NYC.

And that I did – happily said goodbye to the concrete jungle and moved back to Boston. Don’t worry, my love of Lilly is still going strong and I remain a prep through and through, just in a new city.

Please know that I won’t be in Boston forever though, and fully plan to retire to West Palm by the ripe old age of 75. But for now I’ll keep on jaunting my way around New England. Hope you enjoy coming along for the ride.


Post-note: My dedication to blogging has come and gone through the years, and it’s pretty evident with the sporadic postings…but it’s back again. So watch out 2019. 😉



Just one year ago, I moved to Manhattan and it was quite a culture shock.

Danielle, a Boston prep relocated to NYC.

Danielle, a Boston prep relocated to NYC.

From perfecting the exact speed to swipe a Metrocard and walk through the turn style without breaking stride, practicing my aloof “New York” face so people won’t bother me on the subway, and finding out the hard way that New York City very quickly steals all your money through rent and Seamless.com takeout food, I eventually learned the ways of the city…and it was no easy task.

I’ve heard that it takes two full years of living in New York to feel at home, so this blog is my journey through year two. I hope to impart some of the knowledge I’ve gained along the way, to make the transition easier for newcomers to the big apple. I will also throw in some posts pertaining to whatever is going on in my life (which is searching for a job, at the moment). I enjoy anything journalism/pr/communications-related, pinning interesting things to my Pinterest board (check mine out and follow me!), shopping, trying fun new workouts and visiting as many places in NYC as possible, so expect to see some of these types of posts too.

In the words of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, “Now you’re in New York, These streets will make you feel brand new, Big lights will inspire you, Let’s hear it for New York.”