Is Abercrombie & Fitch Back?

I am extremely surprised to be asking this, but is Abercrombie & Fitch back again?

I literally have not set foot in the store since high school, but I follow Katie’s Bliss on Instagram and read her blog, and she shared some really great finds ON SALE from Abercrombie. My interest was piqued enough to walk right into the store a few weeks ago, despite the instant overwhelming smell of Fierce cologne the second you set foot over the threshold. Guess some things never change.

I found a handful of great new standbys while shopping there. This is not the Abercrombie you remember from the high school days of yore (aka 10 years ago). I’m not sure why I thought the styles remained the same since 2008 and they would only still sell double-layer polos  paired with too short denim minis, but that is definitely not the case. The clothes are on-trend and on-point. And your girl still fits in them, which is the true miracle statement of this story.

Take a look at some of the great finds I spotted:


Short sleeve wrap dress. Looks even cuter in person. They’re sold out of all sizes below large at the moment, but check back – this one is worth it. It doesn’t wrinkle, even if you crumple it into a ball.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 11.43.37 PM.png

Sleeveless tie-front romper. Haven’t tried this one on yet, but looks promising.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 11.43.27 PM.png

Belted pleated shorts. Or as Katie’s Bliss refers to these – paperbag shorts. They are too cute and ONLY $20 on clearance!


Button up cami. Not going to lie, this one wrinkles but it’s worth the Downy Dewrinkling Spray required to wear it. Or ironing. Either or.

Lululemon Warehouse Sale in Boston this weekend, Oct. 16-18


While living in New York, I learned a thing or two about navigating sample sales. And tonight, I was able to attend Lululemon’s special VIP pre-shop of their #BOSThrowdown Warehouse Sale. The deals are AMAZING, it is honestly worth waiting in line this weekend when the sale is open to the public (to a degree, of course. No pair of yoga pants is worth your sanity).

Here are some general tips for perusing the sale and maximizing your time:

  • Know your size before entering. – Last week I visited a Lululemon retail store and tried on various styles, so I wouldn’t have to waste time trying them on at the sale.
  • Prioritize the items you want to purchase. – For me, yoga pants were my number one priority, followed by workout tops, sports bras and then other items. Go directly to your priority items the second you get in the room to ensure they don’t sell out.
  • Racks are organized by size. – Don’t freak if the size on the price tag doesn’t match the posted size for that rack/aisle. Some are in European sizing, but the size on the actual garment tag inside the clothes will be correct.
  • Be sure to walk the perimeter of the sales floor and also check out the center aisle. – This is where accessories, scarves and sports bras are located.
  • Grab everything you possibly may want off the racks and carry them around with you as you shop. – The more quickly you can snap up your items, the better. You can edit down your selections later. The clock is ticking, and more and more shoppers are being let onto the sales floor. This is bad. The more shoppers, the more competition for the items that your want.
  • The dressing room is pretty spacious and is set up with a lot of different mirror stations. – This sure has NYC sample sales beat, where you usually have to battle other half-naked ladies to a quick glimpse in the mirror. At the Lulu warehouse sale, I had my very own mirror in the communal space. Amazing. Once you snag a spot at a mirror, set up your dressing room command post. If you’ve pulled multiple sizes to try on, sort them into piles by size and style of clothing. This helps to streamline the process, so you can get in and out of the dressing room as quickly as possible. UPDATE as of 10/16 – According to the LululemonWHUS twitter account, dressing rooms have been removed to make room for more product. 
  • While in line for the dressing room (if they add one back) or to check out, start taking clothes off their hangers. – The sales associates have to do this before you enter the dressing room or pay for your items, so help expedite the process and speed up the line.
  • Inventory selection was on-point. – There were tons of black yoga pants and leggings, which are pretty much my uniform of choice. Also a bunch of different length options, even shorts – both cycling and running. Lots of types of tops with different fits, from form-fitting to flowy. I was a bit disappointed with the sports bra selection, but wasn’t able to dig through the boxes very much due to the huge pile of clothes I was lugging around. So I’d recommend hitting the boxes towards the beginning of your hunt. And the best find of the night were the sweaters. They are located in boxes on tables in the initial aisle you enter when you go in the room. They are sooo soft, well-made and hug you in all the right places. Definitely my favorite find of the evening.
  • Pricing is sort of confusing. – Sometimes it is unclear what counts as a “top” vs. “tank.” But prices are clearly marked on posters and monitor screens throughout, and you can ask a sales associate for clarification. Here is a snapshot of the pricing screen that I took.


What: Lululemon Boston Warehouse Sale (AKA Beantown Throwdown)
When: Friday, October 16th: 8am – 8pm (last entry 7pm); Saturday, October 17th: 8am- 8pm (last entry 7pm); Sunday, October 18th: 8am- 8pm (last entry 7pm; inventory dependent)image2
Where: Hynes Convention Center – 900 Boylston St, Boston, Massachusetts 02115. You must enter at the 900 B
oylston door.
How: Parking is available at the Prudential Center and nearby at the Pilgrim Parking Hynes garage, though it is recommended to take the T in to the city as parking might get tight.
Cost: Entry is free. Credit and debit cards are only means of payment accepted.

Hope you enjoy the sale as much as I did! I got a bunch of great items for an amazing price, and it was a fun night out with my girlfriends.

Lilly Endless Summer Sale Wrap-up

My dream Lilly dress, the Delia in “Let’s Cha Cha” print.

With just an hour left to score a deal, the Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale will come to an end tonight at 11:59 p.m. I always love the thrill of a sale, and this one was no different. As the clock struck eight, I felt adrenaline running through my veins. I had been lusting over a specific Lilly dress all season, the Delia dress in “Let’s Cha Cha,” and I was determined to nab it.

Unfortunately, the universe was against me. When I was finally able to get onto the site around 2:30 p.m. (due to the site constantly crashing), I quickly navigated to my dream dress but could not find it listed in my favorite print. I finished shopping on the site and tried all of the Lilly signature stores with online shopping capabilities, only to find the two words that are a shopper’s worst nightmare: SOLD OUT.

I could have cried. I had tried on the Delia dress earlier in the summer in a Palm Beach Lilly Store and fell in love, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on a cotton shift. I probably could have made a convincing argument for the dress if I was still attending college in Coral Gables, Fla. But, with the dreary New York fall and winter approaching, I knew it wasn’t a smart or thrifty decision. I resolved to wait until the annual Endless Summer Sale, and I now found myself with a sinking feeling in my stomach.

Rylan Dress in Flutter Blue Lurex Boucle Stripe

Nevertheless, I did buy some beautiful clothes and I am very happy with my shopping steals.

I decided on the Rylan dress, marked down to $89 from $278, and the Hannah sweater dress, marked down to $59 from $198. I felt I could transition both pieces into the fall, using some clothes and accessories I already had. I also comparison shopped on the Lilly signature store websites and found some clothing marked down even lower on there. It was very tempting to continue shopping, but I resisted.

What shopping deals did you score? Was there a dream dress that slipped through your fingers too? What was your favorite purchase? Share below and include some photos of your fashion steals!